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Check token data

Check basic token data. It can be a standard fungible token or collection id for NFT/SFT/Meta tokens. Useful because Explorer API has agressive cache in some cases.

Please choose the type of the token to check.

Fungible ESDT

Non-fungible (NFT)

Semi-fungible (SFT)


Please provide your token id. Fungible or collection id.

Explore our comprehensive API where you can access detailed information on various types of tokens, including fungible tokens, semi-fungible tokens, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and meta tokens. This feature is incredibly valuable for developers who need to quickly and efficiently query token data. Whether you're developing blockchain applications, analyzing market trends, or integrating digital assets into your projects, our API provides essential data at your fingertips. Utilize our tools to gain insights into token specifications, ownership details, transaction histories, and more. This platform is designed to enhance productivity and streamline development processes by offering a centralized solution for all your token data needs.

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