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Set/unset special roles for a fungible ESDT

The manager of an ESDT token can set and unset special roles for a given address. Only applicable if canAddSpecialRoles property is true.

Please choose the type of the operation. Set or Unset.

Set roles

Unset roles

Please provide your token id

Please provide the address for which the roles will be assigned. By default your own.

Special roles available for basic ESDT tokens. Please set tokenId and address, then you can choose roles!

An address with this role can burn tokens

An address with this role can mint new tokens

The role restricts transferability of the token only to the addresses that have the role set, while these addresses can send to any address.

In the realm of blockchain and cryptocurrency management, the manager of an ESDT (eStandard Digital Token) plays a crucial role in managing token permissions. Specifically, the manager has the authority to assign or remove special roles to different addresses, enhancing the token's operational flexibility and security. This capability is crucial for maintaining control and customization of token functionalities within the MultiversX network. However, it's important to note that the ability to set and unset these special roles is contingent upon the canAddSpecialRoles property being enabled. This feature ensures that only authorized managers can modify roles, providing an additional layer of security and governance to the token management process.

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