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Mint/Burn the supply of a fungible ESDT

The manager of an ESDT token can increase/decrease the total supply by sending to the Metachain a transaction.

Please choose the type of the operation. Mint or Burn.

Add to the supply

Reduce the supply

Please provide your token id

Please provide the supply (remember to take into consideration the number of decimals. For example 100 with 2 decimal places will be 10000).

The manager of an ESDT (eStandard Digital Token) on the MultiversX blockchain possesses the authority to modify the token's total supply. This can be achieved by submitting a specific transaction to the Metachain, which serves as a central hub within the MultiversX network. The ability to increase or decrease the supply of tokens is a powerful tool for token management, allowing adjustments to be made in response to economic conditions, strategic initiatives, or community governance decisions. This feature is particularly valuable for projects that need to adapt to changing market dynamics or to implement mechanisms such as token burns or minting events for fundraising purposes. All changes to the token supply are conducted in a secure and transparent manner, ensuring trust and verifiability within the MultiversX ecosystem.

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