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Claim developer rewards

This function is to be used by Smart Contract owners in order to claim the fees accumulated during smart contract calls.
Currently, the developer reward is set to 30% of the fee of each smart contract call.

Please provide the smart contract address where the wallet you use is an owner.

This function serves as a vital tool for Smart Contract owners, facilitating the process by which they can claim fees that have accrued due to transactions and interactions within the smart contract. By streamlining this process, the function ensures that Smart Contract owners can efficiently recover the fees that are generated from each contract call, thereby maintaining the financial sustainability and operational efficacy of their contracts.

Currently, the reward system for developers is structured to provide a significant incentive, where developers are entitled to a 30% share of the fees from each smart contract call. This generous provision is designed to encourage ongoing development and support, ensuring that developers are motivated to continuously enhance the smart contract's capabilities and stability, which is crucial for the long-term success of any blockchain-based system.

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