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Transfer multiple types of ESDT

Perform multiple tokens transfers in a single bulk. This way, one can send (to a single receiver) multiple fungible, semi-fungible, non-fungible or meta tokens via a single transaction.

Please provide the address to where tokens will be send





When managing digital assets like tokens, conducting multiple token transfers in a single transaction can significantly enhance operational efficiency. This method allows for the transfer of various types of tokens—be they fungible, semi-fungible, non-fungible, or meta tokens—to a single recipient in one consolidated action. This streamlined approach not only simplifies the transaction process but also speeds up the execution time, making it highly advantageous for users dealing with high volumes of token transfers.

Moreover, this approach enhances the user experience by providing a more straightforward and less cluttered transaction process. Whether in gaming, digital collectibles, or any sector that utilizes blockchain technology, the ability to execute multiple token transfers in one transaction simplifies operations and can lead to smoother, more efficient asset management across different applications. This method is also invaluable for developers and businesses looking to integrate sophisticated token-based operations while maintaining an intuitive user interface.

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