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Create a semi-fungible ESDT (SFT)

A single address can own the role of creating an SFT for an ESDT token. This role can be transferred by using the ESDTNFTCreateRoleTransfer function. An SFT can be created on top of an existing ESDT by sending a transaction to self that contains the function call that triggers the creation. Any number of URIs can be assigned (minimum 1).

Please provide the existing collection token id. Choose from the list.

Please provide the SFT token name

Please provide the initial quantity.

Please provide the royalties value (5 = 5%)

Please provide URLs to a supported media file ending with the file extension. Each link is a new line in the field.

Provide attributes. In most cases you'll need the metadata attribute which points to JSON file on IPFS. Separate with ';'

Optionally you can provide a hash (of your image, attributes, etc)

In the realm of eStandard Digital Tokens (ESDT), a unique feature allows a single address to possess the role of creating Semi-Fungible Tokens (SFTs). This specific role ensures centralized control and oversight during the creation process, which can be particularly beneficial in scenarios where strict governance is required. To facilitate smooth transitions and adapt to changing management needs, this role can be effortlessly transferred to another address through the use of the ESDTNFTCreateRoleTransfer function. This feature enhances the flexibility and scalability of token management within the ecosystem. Additionally, an SFT can be seamlessly created atop an existing ESDT by initiating a transaction to one's own address, which includes the necessary function call to trigger the creation process. This mechanism supports the dynamic expansion of token functionalities and utilities.

The flexibility of SFT creation is further exemplified by the ability to assign any number of Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs) to a single token, with the minimum requirement being one. URIs are crucial as they link to resources that define the characteristics, metadata, or attributes of the token, providing essential information that can be accessed globally. This capability allows for extensive customization and enrichment of the token's identity, enhancing its appeal and utility in various applications such as digital art, collectibles, and interactive gaming assets. The integration of multiple URIs caters to complex use cases, where diverse information and assets associated with a single token are necessary for comprehensive interaction and utility in decentralized applications (dApps). This feature not only augments the token's functionality but also significantly boosts its marketability and relevance in the rapidly evolving digital asset landscape.

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