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Change properties of a semi-fungible ESDT

The manager of an semi-fungible ESDT token may individually change any of the properties of the token, or multiple properties at once. The token should have the canUpgrade property set to true.

Due to API caching, changes may not be visible immediately.

Please provide your token id

Set new properties set for the ESDT token.

The token manager can assign a specific role(s). Important for token management.

The token manager may change these properties. Without it you won't be able to change these properties in the future

The token manager may freeze the token balance in a specific account, preventing transfers to and from that account

The token manager may wipe out the tokens held by a frozen account, reducing the supply

The token manager may prevent all transactions of the token, apart from minting and burning

Token management can be transferred to a different account

The token manager can transfer NFT/SFT/Meta creation role

The flexibility in managing semi-fungible ESDT tokens is greatly enhanced by the ability of a token manager to modify its properties. This feature is crucial for adapting the token to changing market conditions, regulatory requirements, or technological advancements. For such alterations to be possible, it is imperative that the token is initially configured with the canUpgrade property enabled. This property allows the manager to individually or collectively update aspects of the token, such as its name, supply model, or even its operational rules, thus providing substantial adaptability and control over the token's lifecycle. The ability to upgrade a token is a powerful feature that can help maintain its relevance and utility in the rapidly evolving digital asset space, ensuring that it meets the needs and expectations of its holders.

Enabling the canUpgrade feature on semi-fungible tokens offers token issuers a proactive tool for governance and strategic management. With this capability, token managers can respond efficiently to external pressures or opportunities by implementing necessary updates that can enhance functionality, security, or compliance with new laws. This adaptability not only safeguards the token's competitiveness but also boosts investor confidence, as stakeholders recognize the commitment to maintaining a robust and forward-thinking management approach. Ultimately, the canUpgrade property is a key factor in sustaining the viability and desirability of semi-fungible tokens, making them a versatile and practical choice for developers and investors in the blockchain ecosystem.

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