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Add/Burn the quantity of a semi-fungible ESDT

A user that has the ESDTRoleNFTAddQuantity role set for a given Token, can increase its quantity (you need to have some amount on your address to do that). If successful, the balance of the address for the given semi-fungible will be increased with the number specified in the argument. A user that has the ESDTRoleNFTBurn role set for a given semi-fungible Token, can burn some (or all) of the quantity. The owner can also decrease the quantity. If successful, the quantity from the argument will be decreased from the balance of the address for that given token.

Please choose the type of the operation. Add or Burn.

Add the quantity

Reduce the quantity

Please provide your token id

Please provide the quantity.

In the dynamic world of eStandard Digital Tokens (ESDT), specific roles assigned to users enable them to manage the quantity of semi-fungible tokens effectively. One such crucial role is the ESDTRoleNFTAddQuantity, which grants a user the ability to increase the quantity of a specific token. This is particularly useful for scenarios where the augmentation of token supply is necessary to meet increased demand or to execute promotional activities. To utilize this role, a user must already hold a certain amount of the token in question on their address. Upon successful execution of the increase operation, the balance of the specified semi-fungible token on the user's address will reflect the addition, aligning with the number specified in the argument. This capability allows for flexible supply management, ensuring that token issuers can respond promptly to market conditions or community needs.

Conversely, the ESDTRoleNFTBurn role enables a user to decrease the quantity of a semi-fungible token. This role is integral for adjusting the supply for reasons such as maintaining token value, meeting deflationary policies, or complying with regulatory requirements. Whether the intention is to burn a portion or the entire quantity held, the operation directly reduces the amount from the user's balance of the specific token. This dual functionality of adding or burning quantities provides robust control over token circulation, crucial for managing economic factors such as inflation and scarcity within the digital asset ecosystem. Both capabilities, adding and burning, are essential tools that enhance the operational flexibility and economic stability of semi-fungible tokens, making them adaptable and secure for various applications within the blockchain infrastructure.

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