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Change attributes

An user that has the ESDTRoleNFTUpdateAttributes role set for a given ESDT, can change the attributes of a given NFT. ESDTNFTUpdateAttributes will remove the old attributes and add the new ones. Therefore, if you want to keep the old attributes you will have to pass them along with the new ones.

Please provide your token id

Provide attributes. In most cases you'll need the metadata attribute which points to JSON file on IPFS. Separate with ';'

In the realm of blockchain technology, particularly within the context of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), the role of an ESDTRoleNFTUpdateAttributes is crucial for the management and modification of NFT attributes. This specific role enables users to actively update and alter the characteristics associated with an NFT on the blockchain. When an individual possesses this role for a particular eStandard Digital Token (ESDT), they gain the capability to change these attributes as necessary. It's important to note that this process involves the removal of the NFT's existing attributes, replacing them with newly specified ones. Therefore, to retain any desired attributes from the original set, they must be explicitly included along with the new attributes during the update process.

The process of updating NFT attributes using the ESDTNFTUpdateAttributes function is a vital tool for developers and asset managers in the digital asset space. By enabling the precise modification of attributes, this function facilitates the enhancement and customization of NFTs, ensuring they can evolve over time or adapt to new requirements or contexts. This adaptability is essential for maintaining the relevancy and value of digital assets in a rapidly changing market. Additionally, the need to resubmit old attributes if they are to be retained underscores the importance of meticulous attribute management. Users must carefully plan and execute attribute updates to ensure that no critical information is lost, while also leveraging the opportunity to add new features and value to their digital assets.

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