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Issue a non-fungible ESDT (Collection)

To create NFTs, start by setting up an ESDT collection token. Each NFT in this collection will have a unique nonce and its own attributes and assets.

In practical applications, it's advisable to prioritize the use of smart contracts for fair issuance and distribution.

Please provide the token name (3-20 characters, alphanumeric)

Please provide the token ticker (3-10 characters, alphanumeric, uppercase)

Every ESDT has a set of properties which control what operations are possible with it.

The token manager can assign a specific role(s). Important for token management.

The token manager may change these properties. Without it you won't be able to change these properties in the future

The token manager may freeze the token balance in a specific account, preventing transfers to and from that account

The token manager may wipe out the tokens held by a frozen account, reducing the supply

The token manager may prevent all transactions of the token, apart from minting and burning

Token management can be transferred to a different account

The token manager can transfer NFT/SFT/Meta creation role

Creating NFTs begins with establishing an ESDT (eStandard Digital Token) collection token, which serves as the foundational framework for your digital assets. This first step is crucial as it defines the scope and potential of your NFT collection. Each NFT minted within this collection is assigned a unique nonce, which acts as a serial number, ensuring that every token remains distinct and identifiable. Additionally, each NFT can be endowed with a unique set of attributes and assets, ranging from visual artwork to digital files, making each one unique.

For those looking to dive into the world of NFTs on the MultiversX network, understanding the significance of the ESDT collection token is key. It not only simplifies the process of token management but also enhances the security and uniqueness of each NFT created. By leveraging this method, creators can offer more personalized and diverse digital items to their audience, fostering a richer and more engaging NFT ecosystem. This structured approach to NFT creation ensures that every token minted is not only unique but also securely registered on the blockchain, adding a layer of trust and value to the digital assets.

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