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Set/unset special roles for a non-fungible ESDT

The manager of an ESDT token can set and unset special roles for a given address. Only applicable if canAddSpecialRoles property is true.

Please choose the type of the operation. Set or Unset.

Set roles

Unset roles

Please provide your token id

Please provide the address for which the roles will be assigned. By default your own.

Special roles available for basic ESDT tokens. Please set tokenId and address, then you can choose roles!

The role allows one to create a new NFT/SFT/Meta

The role allows one to burn quantity of a specific NFT/SFT/Meta

The role allows one to change the attributes of a specific NFT

The role allows one add URIs for a specific NFT

The role restricts transferability of the token only to the addresses that have the role set, while these addresses can send to any address.

When managing an ESDT token, the ability for a token manager to assign or revoke specific roles to an address is a crucial feature. This functionality is only available if the canAddSpecialRoles property of the token is set to true. This ensures a higher level of control and customization over who can perform certain actions within the token&s ecosystem. By enabling selective role assignment, organizations can efficiently govern their token&s operations, enhancing security and operational efficiency, particularly in complex token ecosystems.

In the context of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), the significance of these roles becomes even more pronounced. NFTs, which represent unique digital or real-world assets on a blockchain, require nuanced management capabilities to handle their unique attributes and ownership details. The ability to set special roles allows for sophisticated management strategies. This feature facilitates a robust framework for NFT management, ensuring that only authorized personnel can perform critical functions, thus preserving the integrity and exclusivity of the assets.

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