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Create a non-fungible ESDT (NFT)

A single address can own the role of creating an NFT for an ESDT token. This role can be transferred by using the ESDTNFTCreateRoleTransfer function. An NFT can be created on top of an existing ESDT by sending a transaction to self that contains the function call that triggers the creation. Any number of URIs can be assigned (minimum 1).

Please provide the existing collection token id. Choose from the list.

Please provide the NFT token name

Please provide the royalties value (5 = 5%)

Please provide URLs to a supported media file ending with the file extension. Each link is a new line in the field.

Provide attributes. In most cases you'll need the metadata attribute which points to JSON file on IPFS. Separate with ';'

Optionally you can provide a hash (of your image, attributes, etc)

In the realm of blockchain technology, the capability of a single address to own the role of creating a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) for an eStandard Digital Token (ESDT) simplifies the process of NFT creation. By utilizing the ESDTNFTCreateRoleTransfer function, this creation role can efficiently be transferred between different addresses. This feature is pivotal for developers and token holders who wish to delegate or shift creative responsibilities within the network. Additionally, the creation of an NFT atop an existing ESDT is facilitated by sending a specific transaction to oneself, which must include the necessary function call to initiate the NFT's creation. This process highlights the flexible and user-centric design of the MultiversX network in managing digital assets.

Furthermore, the flexibility in assigning Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs) to the NFTs is another critical aspect of their creation. Each NFT must have at least one URI, which serves as a digital pointer to the token's metadata, providing essential information such as its origin, attributes, and ownership history. The ability to assign multiple URIs allows for a richer representation and accessibility of the NFTs across different platforms and services. This adaptability is essential for artists, creators, and developers who seek to enhance the visibility and interoperability of their digital assets. The seamless integration of these features within the MultiversX platform ensures that users have a robust and scalable system for managing and transferring unique digital assets in a secure environment.

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