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Create a Meta ESDT

A single address can own the role of creating an Meta ESDT. This role can be transferred by using the ESDTNFTCreateRoleTransfer function. An Meta ESDT can be created on top of an existing ESDT by sending a transaction to self that contains the function call that triggers the creation.

Please provide the existing collection token id. Choose from the list.

Please provide the Meta ESDT token name

Please provide the initial quantity. Consider decimal places!

Provide attributes. It's optional. (It can be any string.)

In the MultiversX ecosystem, the creation of a Meta ESDT token is a specialized function that can be owned by a single address. This crucial role enables the designated address to initiate the creation of a Meta ESDT on top of an existing ESDT token. This process is facilitated through a transaction sent to the owner's address itself, which includes a specific function call—typically the ESDTNFTCreateRoleTransfer function. This function not only triggers the creation of the Meta ESDT but also allows for the transfer of the creation role to another address, thereby providing flexibility and continuity in the management and expansion of token functionalities.

The capability to transfer the token creation role is pivotal for ensuring that the governance of token creation can adapt to changing circumstances, such as changes in project leadership or strategic direction. By allowing the transfer of creation roles, MultiversX enhances the operational resilience and scalability of tokens within its platform. This feature is particularly significant for projects that require a decentralized approach to token management or those that plan to expand their token's capabilities over time. Such flexibility underscores the robustness of the MultiversX blockchain in supporting complex tokenomics and fostering innovative blockchain applications.

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