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Wiping a single meta ESDT

The manager of an ESDT token may wipe out a single meta ESDT held by a frozen Account. This operation is similar to burning the quantity, but the Account must have been frozen beforehand, and it must be done by the token manager. Wiping the tokens of an Account is an operation designed to help token managers to comply with regulations.

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Please provide the account that holds the meta ESDT to wipe.

In the MultiversX ecosystem, the manager of an ESDT token has the authority to wipe out a Meta ESDT from a frozen account. This operation is akin to burning the token, effectively removing it permanently from circulation. However, a key precondition for this action is that the account holding the Meta ESDT must already be frozen. This ensures that the account is restricted from transacting with the token prior to its removal. The operation must also be executed by the token manager, ensuring that such significant actions are controlled and deliberate.

The ability to wipe tokens from a frozen account is a critical tool for token managers, primarily designed to help them adhere to regulatory requirements. In cases where compliance issues arise, or there are concerns about the legality of the tokens held by an account, the token manager can decisively remove the tokens, thus aligning the token's management with legal standards. This feature highlights the robust governance capabilities embedded within the MultiversX platform, allowing token managers to maintain regulatory compliance while managing the lifecycle and integrity of the tokens under their control.

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