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Freeze/Unfreeze a single meta ESDT

The manager of an ESDT token may freeze the meta ESDT held by a specific Account. As a consequence, no meta ESDT can be transferred to or from the frozen Account. Freezing and unfreezing a single meta ESDT of an Account are operations designed to help token managers to comply with regulations.

Please choose the type of the operation. Freeze or Unfreeze.

Freeze an address

Unfreeze an address

Please provide your token id

Please provide the account that holds the meta ESDT to freeze/unfreeze.

In the MultiversX blockchain, the manager of an ESDT token possesses the capability to freeze the Meta ESDT held by a specific account. This action prevents any transfer of the Meta ESDT to or from the frozen account, effectively restricting the account's ability to participate in transactions involving that specific Meta ESDT. This powerful tool is crucial for token managers, providing them with the means to enforce compliance with regulatory requirements or to address security concerns.

The ability to freeze and unfreeze Meta ESDTs at the account level is a critical feature designed to help token managers uphold the integrity of the blockchain and adhere to legal frameworks. It is particularly important in scenarios where there may be concerns about fraudulent activities or regulatory scrutiny. By enabling token managers to control the movement of Meta ESDTs, MultiversX ensures that the ecosystem remains secure and compliant with applicable laws and standards. This functionality underscores the platform's commitment to providing robust management tools that enhance the security and regulatory compliance of digital assets.

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