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Set/unset special roles for a meta ESDT

The manager of an ESDT token can set and unset special roles for a given address. Only applicable if canAddSpecialRoles property is true.

Please choose the type of the operation. Set or Unset.

Set roles

Unset roles

Please provide your token id

Please provide the address for which the roles will be assigned. By default your own.

Special roles available for basic ESDT tokens. Please set tokenId and address, then you can choose roles!

The role allows one to create a new NFT/SFT/Meta

The role allows one to add quantity of a specific SFT/Meta. Also required when creating.

The role allows one to burn quantity of a specific NFT/SFT/Meta

The role restricts transferability of the token only to the addresses that have the role set, while these addresses can send to any address.

The management of an ESDT token on the MultiversX platform offers considerable control to the token's manager, particularly in assigning or revoking special roles to specific addresses. This capability is only available if the canAddSpecialRoles property of the token is set to true. When enabled, this feature allows the token manager to customize how different participants interact with the token, by granting them specific roles that can include enhanced permissions or restrictions depending on the token's intended use and governance structure. This flexibility is vital for creating a dynamic and secure ecosystem where token utilities can be maximized according to specific project needs and compliance requirements.

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