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Add/Burn the quantity of a meta ESDT

A user that has the ESDTRoleNFTAddQuantity role set for a given Token, can increase its quantity (you need to have some amount on your address to do that). If successful, the balance of the address for the given meta will be increased with the number specified in the argument. A user that has the ESDTRoleNFTBurn role set for a given meta Token, can burn some (or all) of the quantity. The owner can also decrease the quantity. If successful, the quantity from the argument will be decreased from the balance of the address for that given token.

Please choose the type of the operation. Add or Burn.

Add the quantity

Reduce the quantity

Please provide your token id

Please provide the supply (remember to take into consideration the number of decimals. For example 100.5 with 2 decimal places will be 10050).

In the MultiversX platform, the management of token quantities involves specific roles that can significantly impact the token's circulation and availability. Users who are granted the ESDTRoleNFTAddQuantity role for a specific token have the ability to increase the quantity of that token. This action requires the user to already possess some amount of the token on their address. Successfully increasing the token quantity will augment the balance of the user's address by the amount specified in the operation.

Conversely, users with the ESDTRoleNFTBurn role have the power to decrease the token quantity by burning some or all of it. This can be done by the token's owner as well, allowing them to directly manage the supply of the token. When a quantity is successfully burned, it is permanently removed from the balance of the address, effectively reducing the circulating supply of the token. This mechanism is designed to allow for precise control over the token supply, enabling token managers and users to adjust quantities in response to market conditions, strategic objectives, or regulatory requirements. These capabilities underscore the flexible and robust token management features within the MultiversX ecosystem, facilitating effective and compliant token operations.

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